• Fei Yue VGA-HDMI HD Switch Adapter Black

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    Name: Fei Yue VGA-HDMI HD Switch Adapter Black

    Brand: Fei Yue

    Product Type: Adapter

    Product Size: 6.4*5.6*2cm

    Interface Type: VGA-HDMI

    Colour: Black

    Function: Audio Video Conversion


    * 1.High-definition HDMI digital processing chip, can transfer
    VGA analog signals into high resolution  digital HDMI signal.

    * 2.It can make the digital audio signal as the independent
    output, as well as the analog stereo 2.0.

    * 3.1 HD video input (VGA), road simulation output (HDMI), 1
    channel audio output (stereo)

    * 4.Good compatibility, easy and convenient to operate.

    * 5.Small volume, super protable.

    * 6.Can be connected to DVD/Blu-ray DVD/HD set-BOX
    /DVR/PS3/XBOX360 / TV/monitor/projector, etc.

    * 7.Conversion: to be able to fully turn VGA input into
    HDMI  video and R/L audio output.

    Application Scope

    * 1.Security video signal source, radio and television
    equipment, medical equipment, civilian (such as DVD, set-top boxes, game
    consoles, etc.)

    Package List

    * Adapter*1

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