• RXC HDMI (female)-HDMI (female) 180 degree Connect Black

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    Name: RXC HDMI (female)-HDMI (female) 180 degree Connector Black

    Brand: RXC

    Product Features: Video transmission

    Colour: Black

    Interface Type: HDMI

    Materila : ABS

    Product Size: 3.5*2*1cm


    * 1.HDMI female-female connector, connect two HDMI cable togethere, which plays a role in the extension.

    * With the demand on both sides of the joint between.

    * 2.There is a roller between two sides, so it can be 180 degree rotated, to meet different connection angles.

    * 3.The use of copper gilt, greatly reducing the signal attenuation rate

    * 4.The universal adapter, it suits for computer, DVD, PC, TV and so on.


    * 1. Keep it away from moisture, heat, dust, corrosive and oxidizing environment to avoid damage.

    * 2. Gently plug, force or plug too hard easily lead to interface damage or make its life shorter.

    * 3. Do not place the product near fire or damp environment, so as not to its usage.

    * 4. All parts should avoid strong shock, hit, percussion, and fell down to avoid damage.

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