• Fei Yue Mini HDMI-VGA Audio Adapter Black

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    Name: Fei Yue Mini  HDMI-VGA Audio Adapter Black

    Brand: Fei Yue

    Product Type: Adapter

    Product Size: 29*4.2*1.7cm

    Intyerface Type:   HDMI-VGA

    Colour: Black

    Function: Audio Video  Converter

    HDMI Video Input Format:

    VGA Video Output Format:



    * 1. Advanced PC feature shell integrated design, wear
    resistant, environmentally friendly and durable, high-grade texture to
    effectively protect the chip.

    * 2.Insulation material shell, effective  prevent leakage, and prolong its use life,
    and also it is foldable.

    * 3.Adopt American imported chip, with first class process,
    great performance.

    * 4.Port 24K gold plating, ensure the hign transmission rate.

    * 5. Imported digital EP chip, low power consumption, stable
    proformance, 24 hours day and night working.

    * 6.This product has audio interface, from where it can output
    the sound, suitable for network set-up box and such kind of product which
    don't have audio interface. 


    * 1.Turn the HDMI signal into VGA video.

    * 2.Support digital signal to analog signal conversion.

    * 3.Support HDCP 1.0/1.1/1.2

    * 4.Easy and quick installation, simple operation, no need

    * 5.Built-in convert chip, suport hot plug.

    Differences Between with Audio and Without Audio

    * With Audio, It means there a 3.5mm audio port, from where it
    can output the soud. It suits network set-up box and such kind of product
    which don't have audio interface. 

    * Without Audio, it means no audio port on it. It is suitable
    for tablet and computer such kind of product which have audio interface.

    Package List

    Adapter*1, Data Cable*1

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