• Connection cable USB3.0 to VGA white

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    Name: Connection cable,  USB3.0  to VGA white

    Brand: Others Product Type: computer accessories Function: video transmission

    Length: 23cm Interface Type: USB-VGA Material: PVC


    * 1. Adopt high quality material with integrated design, wear resistant, environmentally friendly and durable, high-grade texture, effectively protect the internal chip.

    * 2.Nickel-plated VGA interface, superb technology, effectively ensure the transmission speed, and prolong its use life.

    * 3.Using high-performance digital converter chip, turn HDMI signal into the VGA signal output to the display device, easy to install, plug and play.

    * 4. Select imported chip, with high-tech process, very fast speed and very stable performance.

    * 5. The input device is connected to the USB interface, VGA interface is connected to output devices, according to the instrument definition display devices, so they can enjoy clearer, high-quality music and video.


    * 1. Keep it away from moisture, heat, dust, corrosive and oxidizing environment to avoid damage.

    * 2. Gently plug, force or plug too hard easily lead to interface damage or make its life shorter.

    * 3. Do not place the product near fire or damp environment, so as not to its usage.

    * 4. All parts should avoid strong shock, hit, percussion, and fell down to avoid damage.

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